Print Monopoly (PM) 2007 Cesidian Root (0005021-00001)
  I've said this before to someone, and I'll say it again until everyone listens: Independent Long Island doesn't need a .ILI TLD. No, it doesn't. Independent Long Island needs and deserves its own Internet root, the Cesidian Root!

With your own Internet root you can build far more than a working TLD, and you have additional advantages. We also believe that competition is the right way, not the wrong way to run things, and that the U.S. Department of Commerce has set up an illegal global Internet monopoly it had no authority to create with ICANN, which is now a corrupt entity just like any other agency of the United States government, and doing nothing to further the Internet's development, utility, or to further Freedom of Speech. ICANN, in fact, has become an instrument of global DNS tyranny.

The Cesidian Root is an intercontinental Internet that was started September 30, 2005 by the Most Rev. Dr. Cesidio Tallini and Massimiliano Mastrocinque, a brilliant Italian IT. The Cesidian Root was started for the benefit of Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Worlders, unrepresented peoples at any international body. Later Karin & Peter Dambier also joined the team with their eclectic IT skills.

Today the Cesidian Root is a full working Intercontinental Internet carrying the entire contents of 5 roots: the ICANN (267 TLDs), the Cesidian Root proper (23 TLDs), the China MII Root (3 TLDs), the Arabic GCC Root (4 TLDs), and the Root (19 TLDs). It resolves the typical ICANN domains you are used to resolving in your browser, but it also resolves the unique Independent Long Island .ILI TLD, and even odd TLDs in Chinese, Russian, and Arabic scripts. We also manage spam free email through the Cesidian Root.

While the Cesidian Root was born to support and sustain alternative nationalistic movements of the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Worlds that enjoyed no support by the United Nations, or any other illegitimate international body, it also supports the Italian Savoy Royal family by maintaining their .SAVOIA TLD, and we support Italy's alternative .ITALIANA TLD as well.

After serving many good foreigners worldwide for several years, and supporting the Cesidian Root's first home of Italy, it was only natural for the Cesidian Root to come to its second home on Independent Long Island (ILI), and support the spam free and independent .ILI TLD!

The Cesidian Root will support not only a TLD for Independent Long Island (ILI), but the vocation of all Independent Long Islanders towards freedom and independence from foreign fiscal expropriation and tyranny. If you supported Mikhail Gorbachev's perestroika (Russian for "restructuring"), you have even more reason to support this Internet perestroika!