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Independent Long Island proposed flag
Independent Long Island flag

What does Independent Long Island (ILI) stand for?

For starters, it isn't business as usual. It is not about a Long Island as it is normally implied, i.e., Nassau and Suffolk only. That's not the geographic and holistic Long Island, which is really made up of Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk. For far too long Long Islanders of Brooklyn and Queens have been treated like second class citizens by Manhattan, which has also contributed to the division of our beautiful island, and New York State has treated all Long Islanders like a mere tax collector, not like someone we Long Islanders are actually related to. Empire State, we are not your conquest!

The federal government in Washington has only done worse. While in New York State tax monies inevitably get siphoned off from Long Island, and go benefit people Upstate, nationwide the trend is that of federal dollars benefiting mainly people in the South, while the Northeast suffers high taxes, high unemployment, and only growth in jobs in Iraq and Afghanistan!

Independent Long Islanders deserve better than that! They deserve, first and foremost, their own Internet, not an Internet ruled by a California non-profit corporation, and run like a kind of global Medieval fiefdom. Secession in this context is not a dirty word. It is a necessity for the continuation of our very freedoms, and for the improvement in the quality of our lives. U.S. federal government military expenditures have been rising without stop, and the world is becoming increasing occupied by U.S. military bases. Yet the irony of it all is this: Russia only spends 5 percent of what the U.S. allocates yearly for military expenditures, but it can still flatten Washington and London in a matter of minutes. Who does the extra 95 percent that Washington is spending benefit? Not me, that much is certain!

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Independent Long Island (ILI) has to replace this bankrupt system serving no one, but a few wealthy oligarchs. Secession is not an option; it is the only choice we have. Long Islanders now suffer the highest tax rates in the nation, and property values are three to four times above the statewide average. This inordinate rate of taxation is also unreasonable since businesses are fleeing Long Island, rather than staying here, and this produces an unemployment rate which is far too high for the rate of taxation.

We hope Long Islanders will come together, and demand secession from the United States! The Cesidian Root is only showing you some of the benefits of freedom and independence, and the Most Rev. Dr. Cesidio Tallini, President and Founder of the Cesidian Root, will also become the de facto Governor of this new and independent State if need be, and he will supply an Independent Long Island (ILI) with superior intelligence, sensitivity, and know-how that can put any leader of today to shame!

Let's make it happen folks. Let's make secession from the United States a reality. We can do it, they are not smarter than us in Washington!

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