Print Monopoly (PM) 2008 Cesidian Root (0005021-00001)

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) doesn't need to change its settings for you to resolve the Cesidian Root, although there clearly are advantages to this. You may not realize it but with a little technical knowledge, you are the person in control of your computer, nobody else. You are the Judge of the Supreme Court in this matter, believe it or not, and your decisions are final!

Users around the world will be able to resolve all the Top-Level Domains (TLDs) of the Cesidian Root by simply entering the following IP numbers in the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties of their computer:

78 . 47 . 115 . 195

78 . 47 . 115 . 198

Detailed explanations for changing the TCP/IP configuration on various systems follows at the links below:

The Cesidian Root resolves the full ICANN root, currently made up of 281 TLDs, as well as the additional TLDs below from the Cesidian Root proper, the China MII Root, the Arabic GCC Root, and the Root:

TLD in ASCII/Punycode TLD in non-ASCII
.xn--fiqs8s .中国
.xn--55qx5d .公司
.xn--io0a7i .网络
.xn--55qw42g .公益
.xn--zfr164b .政务
.xn--vf4b131b .회사
.xn--zv4b74y .통신
.xn--zb0bnw .기관
.xn--g2b9a1a .वाण
.xn--81b8b9a9c .जाल्
.xn--i1b6b7e .संग
.xn--qlc9a5a .வணி
.xn--uscn1bv9bh3h .ವಾಣಿಜ್ಯ
.xn--usc8b9a .ಜಾಲ
.xn--3rc8e2bb9h .ಸಂಸ
.xn--p1ag .ру
.xn--j1aef .ком
.xn--e1apq .нет
.xn--c1avg .орг
.xn--e1ay .ес
.xn--h1akdx .инфо
.xn--u1aaa .ххх